New campaign for NATAN Edouard Vermeulen Winter 2023-24

Behind the scenes
I took this series of photos for the new Natan winter 2023-24 campaign. First, I photographed the sculptures of Annick Vandecapelle, which are approximately 50cm in size, and then the models in my studio. I also handled the retouching, bringing together the models, the images, and the skies. Christophe Coppens was the Creative Director for this project.
Creative director: Christophe Coppens
Photography & retouching: Jeffrey Vanhoutte
Sculptures: Annick Vandecappelle
Model: Lead Wdo
Hair and makeup : Sabine Peeters
Accessories and styling: Christophe Coppens & Marie Vermeulen
Production Natan Couture and Supersauce
Production managers: Octave Rommens, Lara v.d.s
Product manager couture: Laetitia Assikov
Special thanks to David Bodson, Gloria Barudy Vasquez, Pieterjan Van Biesen and team NATAN
©Jeffrey Vanhoutte
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